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Arthur Ouma Odhiambo is an expressive painter from Kenya. His main focus of inspiration is the subjective observance of his being and the interpretation of the objective through that lens. The goal of his expression is to move from the complexity of detail to the directness of simplicity. A reduction to which he hopes might be able to express wholeness or totality in simply being. Arthur understands that art to him is an expression of the divine will, well, beyond explanation and understanding and yet still fulfills its purpose in the consciousness of those that interact with it. Using oils, acrylics and charcoal on paper or canvas, He lets himself go, without thought or emotional questions. He believes that there are no mistakes or coincidences in life and therefore he sees any judgement or criticism on his part as a limitation of the expression. Vulnerability is key to him. He studied Environmental Planning and management at Kenyatta University (2014) but spent most of his time in the fine arts faculty where he developed his expression. However, Arthur has always been drawing instinctually since he was a young child. He had his first Solo exhibition in August 2014 at the Nairobi National Museum. This was themed ‘African Nationalism’ and featured a few of African colonial heroes who were active in the fight for their countries’ independence. Ever since then, he has been part of several group exhibitions while also practicing as an environmental expert.