Nathan Cooper

🇺🇸 American
I am autistic. I was diagnosed with complex PTSD from childhood. The featured artworks are from a collection titled, Eyedalas. They were created between 2017-2033. In 2020 and 2023 I was invited to study with Alex Grey. Formerly a medical illustrator at Harvard Medical School, he is most famous for his collaboration with the band TOOL. Through my art I aim to evoke the feeling and ineffable nature of a visionary experience. At the intersections of shape and color, many hidden images emerge. Each represents the exploration of self, in the unfolding manifestations of the mind. This journey has renewed a passion for life, creativity, and experience. Notable experience: - Alumni, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Visionary Art Intensive (2023) - Resident Artist, The Haven Art Collective (2023) - Art Director, Portland Psychedelic Society (2016-2022) - Art Director, Decriminalize Nature Portland (2020-2021)