Michael Hanna

🇺🇸 American
Michael Athanasius Hanna grew up and spent many years in Jersey City, New Jersey and has been drawing and painting since the age of eight. He has exhibited extensively in the northeastern United States and has been featured in large exhibition spaces such as the Victoria Gallery in Paterson, New Jersey and the Atrium Gallery in Morristown, New Jersey. Notable shows in New York City include a solo exhibit in Chelsea at the Wix Gallery and a one year exhibit at Hogarth Worldwide in midtown Manhattan. Michael has been published by Saatchi Art, the New York Times, Hartford Courant, Daily Record, Jersey Journal, Ypilson Art, and other publications. His work has been described by curators as a "reinstatement of painting as a force of action and reaction in contemporary society...a restorer, reawakening a painting as if it had long been in a state of slumber". Michael works out of his art studio located in North Georgia and has been serving as the curator of Aedra Fine Arts, an art publisher and online gallery, since 2014.