Paula Bulux

🇨🇦 Canadian
My name is Paula and I am Last Year’s Adjective. A Toronto born and raised artist, I play with acrylic on canvas. I am self-taught with an inherent passion for creativity. Inspired by Salivador Dali, Chesley Bonestell and renaissance artists, my unique style and affinity for science fiction art and space surrealism is apparent at a quick glance. My story starts with the desire to remind everyone that their goals are within their reach no matter where you are in life and you’ll find your biggest obstacle on your journey is yourself. In late 2022, I began the journey to become a full time creator as a self-taught artist. Surrealism holds a special place in my heart, as I allow my subconscious thoughts to guide the creative process, embracing the flow of artistry. On top of my main subjects, I started a portrait series in early 2023 to track my portrait drawing skills in order to show that art is an acquired skill and not a natural god given gift. Within these portraits I focus on experimenting with false colours and expressionless predominantly male subjects.