Woman the Creator

🇺🇸 American
I’m an artist and designer with a keen eye for detail. My journey began in childhood, where I joyfully created my first piece using my small hands and lots of paint. Recognized for my creativity in school, I envisioned a future filled with color and creative expression. Years later, my interest in art solidified during a summer program at the California Institute of the Arts in high school. In 2009, I pursued a graphic design degree at the Academy of Art University, integrating my artistic skills into my design work. Despite facing a mental health crisis in 2016, I persevered through my psychiatric challenges. In 2021, I resumed my design career, finding solace and strength in art. Integrating art and design into my daily life, I not only have rebuilt my career, but also contribute artistically to my community. Currently I spend my time looking and capturing the essence of the world in my collages. What interests me the most about my observations is making sense of relationships between people, places, and things around me. I capture and explore connections and patterns which may not be apparent. Collages are my favorite way of visualizing what I experience because I take disparate subjects and combine them to create a unified composition that’s compelling to the viewer. My collages are surrealist in nature, and spur emotion in a contemplative, yet powerful way. My life is enriched when I create. I bring ideas to life that encourage the viewer to pause and feel.