Cat Hamilton

🇬🇧 British
Cat was born in Scotland and now lives in England. She has a form of synesthesia that allows her to see music and people in colour and movement. She loves to create colourful and unusual pieces that are personal to her. Although Cat has always been creative, she turned to her art and meditation practise for inspiration as a form of self expression of her emotional and mental health. Lockdown was a huge source of inspiration and offered Cat lots of opportunities to be creative and evolve her craft. She created an eclectic range of self portraits interpreting her mental health and explored creating work that shows how she see’s others through her synesthetic vision. Cat is continually evolving and in a relatively short time has had her work exhibited digitally and physically in galleries across Europe, published in magazines and has been interviewed on a radio show. Cat's work has also gained popularity and interest across her social media platforms. which has opened up opportunities to collaborate with other creatives. New opportunities are opening up for Cat to work with musicians to create visuals for their music and also a potential project that brings meditation, art and visuals together in public places.