Andrea Cosman

🇨🇦 Canadian
    I have always looked forward to the treasured hours spent in my room, the classroom and now home studio.In 2017 I began training as a shoe repairer and through this work found a great joy in designing and experimenting with leather. I look forward to creating more purses and bags for clients in the future.In 2018 I found myself at a creative roadblock. Every painting and drawing felt stale. When I began to experiment with abstraction, like magic the creative juices began to flow. Since then my love affair with abstract painting has grown and I was lucky enough to show a collection publicly in 2019.I find inspiration in the ups and downs of the human condition. The tumultuous sea of the human mind is forever changing, adapting, learning and reacting. Through our mind and emotions we experience all things and it is this depth of intuitive stories I crave to depict.