Karababa Vasiliki

🇬🇷 Greek
    With my painting I create a staged environment consisting of symbols in order to explore the concept of identity and what marks it. My preferred medium is oil on canvas, due to it's historicality it goes hand in hand with symbolism. I explore how this duo can speak and stand in the current artistic scene. There is a deep need in man to state who he is and what sets him apart. Symbols play an increasingly active role in our lives and define us more and more. In reality, identity is these characteristics that we consciously project and those that exist unknowingly. Everyone's identity is composed of them, but also of how they shift over time. So identity is something ever changing, and yet it is something so important. In my latest work, the area of concern is how the new reality of social distancing, has affected this concept. Studies Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki Exhibitions 2020: Virtual exhibition “so far so close” MoMus 2020 group exhibition, Myro Gallery, What will people say? 2020The portrait art, group exhibition, artevisione Athens 2020 the observer, group exhibition, artevisione, Athens 2014: group exhibition of the sculpture workshop at the Tellogleio AUTh.