Untitled by Jake Greenup
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Untitled (2021)

Jake Greenup
This project, entitled Stop, Go, considers the omnipresent and perpetual presence of media in contemporary society. Stop, Go features a series of long exposure photographs that abstract the concurrent streams of programming emitted by live television networks. The subject of Stop, Go is not the specific content of the television programs, but rather the unyielding nature of this content. 
          The process of the project; which compresses the frames of the moving image into a still photographic image, mediates a relationship between the technical qualities of moving and still imagery. 
           The title of the series further references the relationship between moving and still imagery. In the case of photography, the release of the camera’s shutter is an event which is often associated with “capturing” a moment or stopping time; yet this idea is subverted by the television program, which continues to progress despite the actions of the camera.