Untitled by Jake Greenup
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Untitled (2022)

Jake Greenup
This project, entitled Pulp, employs paper-based advertising materials in order to visualize the fleeting relevance of physical advertising in the “Digital Era”. The selected images have been decontextualized from their commercial contexts through a process of repeated printing and scanning. The physical translation of the images, and the removal of commercial context, converts the subjects of the images from marketable goods, into objects of the artistic gaze. 
          Artifacts from the process of printing and scanning are visible in the form of print lines, shifted colors, dust, ink splotches, and other technical facets that permeate the images. The translation of the images from a physical form to a digital form, results in the dematerialization of the imagery, and causes the subjects to stand as ghostly references of the physical goods that they represent. The degraded forms and stark colors that are present in the images prevent viewers from mistaking the images as semiotic indices of the represented goods, but do not completely deny their commercial origin.