none by Catharina Van Leeuwen
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none (2023)

Catharina Van Leeuwen

My Artist’s Statement. Catharina Van Leeuwen - Amsterdam 1947. Netherlands artist, published author (2004) of Greek Memoirs, and creator of jewelry & works of Art. She now resides in Denmark. She attended the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. Her artwork includes analogue mixed-media wall assemblage and digital image collages. She has exhibited and sold work in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Spain, the UK, and the USA. ‘My purpose in life is finding the deeper beauty that lies concealed within everything, thus making it accessible for the many through my art & my writing.’ Creativity is a gateway to freedom, it's a passage to the stars. A personal inner journey as much as a collective journey into the soul of the universe. It makes you work with the tissue of the universe, forever pioneering into uncharted territory, tuning in with the vibrations of light & exploration into the atoms of the cosmos...from the surface to the depths of life & awareness, finding wholeness & wisdom. Visual arts is but one avenue of creativity, there are a multitude of others.’