Maybe there's hope for me after all (The Magicians Tale) by The Naive Loverboy
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Maybe there's hope for me after all (The Magicians Tale) (2024)

The Naive Loverboy

In a time when one’s magic seems to be dwindling away, the essence that once brought hope fades into obscurity. Everything seems to be towering down, and it feels as if no amount of magic can put things together again. This so-called magician is losing touch with their magic.
A glimmer of light begins to shine. Surrounded by so much ruckus and destruction, the magician feels a sense of euphoria. Their eyes refract against the light. They bathe within the warm glow of the fractured sun.
This wish and feeling for things to make sense again begin to surface.
In a world shattered into fragments, the magician exists in stillness. They embody the beauty of the commotion, finding solace in what was and will be. The need to survive is instinctual, and we can’t run away from our true nature, for it is at the core of what drives us. Aging becomes an achievement one must attain. Time slowly becomes the magician's best friend to the point when it becomes nothingness. A never-ending cycle, a race to the end of it all. The magician finds peace in solitude while the world crumbles around them.