The First Meeting with You by Yeonjin Jo
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The First Meeting with You (2023)

Yeonjin Jo
Dogs cannot distinguish between red and green. To be precise, they see the red and green colors as achromatic. Researching dogs' visual cells, it is said that the world appears to dogs as composed of blue and yellow. With the thought of how our daily lives would look through their vision, I started this project called <My Friend Mocha>. We will see the world through the eyes of our friend, a dog named Mocha. Through my artworks, I hope everyone can indirectly experience how our friend perceives us and our daily lives.

<The First Meeting with You> is the starting point of the Mocha series, featuring a small puppy named Mocha who was trapped in a pet shop and experiences their first encounter with their owner. The scene portrays the owner observing Mocha through the window, showcasing how tiny and adorable Mocha is with a mischievous expression.